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Pinellas Park Police Department Data

The Pinellas Park Police Department (PPPD), in partnership with LiveFree! has been conducting compliance checks in the City of Pinellas Park since 2009. The types of checks include youth-led Alcohol compliance and liquor law violations. These youth-led checks ensure alcohol vendors are not selling alcohol to youth. Liquor law violation checks ensure alcohol vendors are selling alcohol by using proper practices under the law. The PPPD has also been providing a Last Drink Survey to persons arrested for a DUI to gain an understanding of where individuals are drinking before driving.

Pinellas Park Police Department Youth Led Compliance Checks

 Total ChecksSold to YouthDid Not Sell to Youth% Did Not Sell

• In 2012, the percentage of stores not selling to youth has increased from 2011 levels.

SOURCE: Pinellas Park Police Department Compliance Checks

Pinellas Park Police Department Liquor Law Violation Checks

 Total ChecksLicense Non-ComplianceLiquor Law Violation

• After two years of zero liquor law violations in 2010 or 2011, 2012 had 7 violations in the City of Pinellas Park according to checks conducted by the Pinellas Park Police Department.

Pinellas Park Police Department Last Drink Survey Data at Time of DUI Arrest

 Total Survey GivenAmount Refused/or Unknown LocationRestaurant/Bar/ClubFriend's House/Home/PartyVehicleWorkOtherNarcotics (Drugged Driving)

• The number of individuals who reported drugged driving in the City of Pinellas Park from 2009 to 2011 increased by 428.6%, but dropped significantly in 2012.

• Of the 377 individuals who provided a reply at the time of their DUI arrest, 45.4% reported that the last place they had a drink was at a restaurant, bar or club.

SOURCE: Pinellas Park Police Department

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