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Young Adult Prevalence Rates

There are a number of higher education institutions in Pinellas County with large student body populations. To name a few, at St. Petersburg College there were 16,265 students enrolled from ages 19 to 24 in 2009-10.  Eckerd College has a student body of 2,293 enrollees. The University of South Florida St. Petersburg had 1,847 undergraduate students enrolled in 2009. The University of South Florida Tampa main campus had 17,627 undergraduate students in 2009.  Students from Pinellas County frequently commute to the University of South Florida Tampa campus.

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg- ACHA data

The ACHA-National College Health Assessment II (ACHA-NCHA II) is a national research survey organized by the American College Health Association (ACHA). This survey assists college health service providers, health educators, counselors, and administrators with collecting data about their students’ habits, behaviors, and perceptions on major health topics.

The following tables highlight results of the ACHA-NCHA II Fall 2008 survey for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and for the ACHA-NCHA II Fall 2008 Reference Group. The USF St. Petersburg findings are based on 465 respondents with an overall response proportion of 16.8%. The Reference Group findings are based on 26,685 respondents with an overall response proportion of 27.4%


Alcohol Use

Never used20.30%22.90%23.30%23.10%22.20%23.10%
Used, but not in the last 30 days11.30%12.30%16.50%14.50%14.80%13.80%
Used 1-9 days51.90%46.20%43.80%50.40%46.50%49.00%
Used 10-29 days13.50%17.10%15.20%11.50%14.80%13.20%
Used all 30 days3.00%1.50%1.20%0.50%1.70%0.90%
Any use within the last 30 days68.40%64.80%60.20%62.40%63.00%63.10%


Drinking and Driving- Percent of College Students who Reported Driving after Having…

 USFSPReference Group
5 or more drinks in the last 30 days*4.2%3.5%
Any alcohol in the last 30 days*39.7%25.6%

*Students responding “N/A, don’t drive” and “N/A don’t drink” were excluded from the analysis


Reported Number of Times College Students Consumed Five or More Drinks in a Sitting within the Last Two Weeks

N/A don't drink25.0%27.2%27.6%26.4%26.5%26.6%
1-2 times17.6%26.6%21.7%20.9%20.9%22.7%
3-5 times10.3%6.6%3.7%3.5%5.8%4.4%
6 or more times5.9%4.8%3.1%1.4%3.9%2.4%


Behavior when “Partying” or Socializing

The percent of college students who reported doing the following most of the time or always when they “partied” or socialized during the last 12 months*

Alternating non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages24.30%20.80%33.60%31.10%30.40%27.90%
Avoid drinking games47.10%34.10%58.10%45.30%54.30%41.80%
Choose to not drink alcohol28.60%21.60%32.90%30.20%31.20%27.60%
Determine in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks45.10%32.00%45.90%43.00%45.10%39.60%
Eat before and/or during drinking64.70%72.80%82.40%79.40%76.40%77.30%
Have a friend let you know when you have had enough31.70%25.20%42.50%41.30%39.00%36.30%
Keep track of how many drinks being consumed67.60%57.70%72.80%71.20%71.00%66.90%
Pace drinks to one or fewer an hour29.40%18.80%42.60%35.70%38.10%30.50%
Stay with the same group of friends the entire time drinking84.20%75.20%90.00%88.80%88.10%84.40%
Stick with only one kind of alcohol when drinking58.80%45.00%64.30%54.90%62.80%51.80%
Use a designated driver72.80%78.50%84.80%87.80%80.50%84.90%
Reported one or more of the above95.30%96.60%99.20%98.40%97.80%97.80%

*Students responding “N/A don’t drink” were excluded from this analysis


Consequences of Drinking

College students who drank alcohol reported the following consequences occurring in the last 12 months as a result of their own drinking*

Did something you later regretted35.40%34.30%30.40%33.40%31.40%33.70%
Forgot where you were or what you did29.00%31.70%27.80%28.10%27.80%29.20%
Got in trouble with the police5.10%6.60%1.70%3.50%2.70%4.50%
Had sex with someone without giving your consent2.00%1.70%0.90%2.10%1.20%2.00%
Had sex with someone without getting their consent0.00%0.50%0.00%0.30%0.00%0.40%
Had unprotected sex20.00%17.20%17.40%14.00%18.50%15.10%
Physically injured yourself16.20%17.50%14.30%14.50%14.70%15.40%
Physically injured another person1.00%4.20%0.90%1.50%0.90%2.40%
Seriously considered suicide6.10%2.00%3.10%1.40%3.90%1.60%
Reported one or more of the above53.00%52.00%47.40%48.10%49.00%49.40%

         *Students responding “N/A, don’t drink” were exclude from this analysis

Prescription Drug Use

Percent of college students who reported using prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them within the last 12 months

Erectile dysfunction drugs3.00%1.30%0.00%1.30%0.90%1.00%
Pain killers9.60%9.40%10.80%8.20%10.60%8.60%
Used 1 or more of the above12.60%13.90%16.70%13.20%15.80%13.50%


Cigarette Use

Never used51.10%63.70%59.10%67.90%56.20%66.70%
Used, but not in the last 30 days23.70%16.50%18.00%16.90%19.70%16.70%
Used 1-9 days10.40%10.20%7.40%8.20%8.60%8.80%
Used 10-29 days3.00%3.80%3.10%2.40%3.00%2.90%
Used all 30 days11.90%5.80%12.40%4.60%12.50%5.00%
Any use within the last 30 days25.20%19.80%22.90%15.20%24.20%16.60%


Marijuana Use

Never used65.20%62.80%65.90%69.00%65.40%67.10%
Used, but not in the last 30 days20.00%18.20%21.70%18.60%21.40%18.40%
Used 1-9 days7.40%10.90%6.20%9.00%6.50%9.60%
Used 10-29 days4.40%4.90%4.00%2.50%4.30%3.30%
Used all 30 days3.00%3.20%2.20%0.90%2.40%1.70%
Any use within the last 30 days14.80%19.00%12.40%12.40%13.20%14.50%


All Other Drugs Use Combined*

Never used47.10%53.50%63.20%70.70%58.20%65.40%
Used, but not in the last 30 days23.50%24.10%22.60%19.00%23.10%20.60%
Used 1-9 days18.40%16.40%11.10%7.90%13.40%10.60%
Used 10-29 days7.40%3.30%2.20%1.60%3.70%2.10%
Used all 30 days3.70%2.70%0.90.80%1.70%1.40%
Any use within the last 30 days29.40%22.50%14.20%10.30%18.80%14.10%
  • Includes cigars, smokeless tobacco, cocaine, methamphetamine, other amphetamines, sedatives, hallucinogens, anabolic steroids, opiates, inhalants, MDMA, other club drugs, other illegal drugs (excludes alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco from a water pipe, and marijuana).

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