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WTSP Channel 10 features Live Free! for National Bullying Prevention Tips

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Pinellas County students sign anti-bullying pledge


Pinellas County schools are taking action against bullying.

October is bullying prevention month, and the school district is trying something new to put a stop to bullying.

All month the kids are being asked to sit with someone new at lunch.

They’re encouraged to switch seats every day.

The students are also signing a pledge to always report and stop bullying when they see it both inside and outside of school.

Joan Reubens, the Director of Pinellas County School’s Bullying Prevention explained,”Boy, kids care. Many of the reports we get are typically not from the child who feels victimized themselves but one of their peers that may see it and they report it for them so that’s always the piece I feel in my heart that kids care about one another and are watching out for each other.”

Reubens says this month parents are also encouraged to talk to their kids about how to confront a bully.

“That’s the safest person in their life is their parent so teaching their child what to do and doing those ‘what if’ situations ‘what would you do if something were to happen, someone says you can’t sit here at lunch, how do you handle that?’ Give them options. Give them a toolkit,” Reubens added.

Pinellas County takes anonymous reports from students about bullies and says when they get parents involved, the bullying stops immediately.

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