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Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Data

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Undercover Officer’s Cases








Oxycodone(all formulations)

8 cases

54 cases

(575% increase)

43 cases

(20% decrease)

118 cases

(174% increase)

295 cases

(150% increase)

351 cases

(19% increase)

Heroin(for comparison)

4 cases

4 cases

(0% change)

0 cases

(400% decrease)

1 case

(100% increase)

0 cases

(100% decrease)

0 cases

(no change)

Note: These data only pertain to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and do not reflect efforts by other local law enforcement agencies.

2009‐2010 Comparison of Cases/Arrests/Charges for Prescription Drugs Narcotics Division, Strategic Diversion Unit


  • From 2009 to 2010, the amount of arrests by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office increased by 56.8%.
  • From 2009 to 2010, the amount of Doctor Shopping increased by 84.5%.

SOURCE: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

Operation PAR, Inc. held an educational booth at MOSI’s TARGET AMERICA: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause, Kids in Charge!  Untitled42

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Narcotics Division

Diversion Related Statistics:  January 1 – December 31, 2011


The table below shows diversion charges for 2011.

Charge Description


Traffic/Att Traffic


Obtain/Att Obtain by Fraud


Doctor Shopping


Due to changes in operations, the Strategic Enforcement Section began conducting Diversion Task Force days focusing on pharmacies and clinics.


The following table shows the number of offenses, field interview reports (FIR), and citations on “SES Days” for 2011.

Report Type









The following table shows the number of arrests and the number of subjects contacted during a field interview report (FIR) on “SES Days” for 2011.





People Interviewed



Operation Medicine Cabinet–Prescription Drug Take Back Data

According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, approximately 2,500 teens every day try prescription drugs for the first time to get high and, according to a 2009 SAMHSA report, nearly 70 percent of those users obtain prescription drugs from the family medicine cabinet or friends. In an effort to help combat prescription drug misuse and abuse, local and state law enforcement agencies have created take-back programs to remove unwanted drugs from households.

Since May 2009, there has been a total of 10,828.5 pounds of prescription medication collected during collections events and at Operation Medicine Cabinet drop boxes within the community. The following table shows the event date and total pounds of medication collected.


Pinellas County Prescription Drug Take Back Day (Operation Medicine Cabinet) Medications Collected by Law Enforcement

Date of Take Back day Amount of Medications Collected
May 30, 2009

600 Pounds

November 14, 2009

425 Pounds

May 15, 2010

781 Pounds

August 21, 2010

827.8 Pounds

April 30, 2011

776.8 Pounds

August 27, 2011

1038.1 pounds

April 28, 2012

758.2 pounds

September 29, 2012

846.8 pounds

TOTAL TO DATE (January 2013):

6,043.7 pounds


The following table shows the total pounds collected at each drop box location for September as well as a year to date (YTD) total and the total pounds collected since the drop box was established.


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