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NBC Tampa: Pinellas County LiveFree Coalition serves up slice of prevention

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PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Pinellas County’s LiveFree Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition partnered with The Pizza Joint to serve up some unique pies Monday.

Customers who ordered a pepperoni pizza and mentioned the Coalition got a pie with strategically placed pepperoni shaped into one of six numbers.

“We explain it to them,” said Ron Ferrer who owns the Pizza Joint. “That way they don’t freak out when they see their pizza with a number on it.”

Each number represents a success for the LiveFree Coalition.  A six, for example, is the percentage decrease seen in marijuana use among the Pinellas County youth since 2010. A three indicates the percentage decrease in prescription drug abuse among Pinellas young people for the same time period.

Jackie Griffin is an executive director for the LiveFree Coalition and says the most recent Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey shows decreases in alcohol, marijuana and other drug use among the Pinellas County youth since 2010.

“They represent a slice of life and a slice of what we can do collectively as a community to make a difference,” Griffin said.

That’s why celebratory pizza seemed the perfect way to mark the achievement. The LiveFree Coalition foot the bill for the first $200 worth of pies ordered today.

Watch the video here:

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