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LiveFree! partners with Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant to talk about nonalcoholic beverages

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Roys on ABC VIRGIN DRINKS:  Nothing says summertime like hanging with friends and family, while sipping on something cool. They can show you how some tasty non-alcoholic drinks are put together at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in Tampa.

“People are looking for fresh summer fruits to be added to the beverages, whether it be orange, blackberry, pineapple as well,” said Roy’s manager, Kal Harris.

The virgin Mai Tai is a favorite.  Simply blend orange and pineapple juice, add a little cherry for color, and top it with a pineapple slice, and you’re sipping in style.

For  non-alcoholic mojito, try this:  Into a glass, squeeze the juice from a quarter of a lime, ¼ of an orange, and a few blackberries. Add a couple of mint leaves and muddle together.  Add a splash of sweetener, and fill the glass with mineral water. Garnish with a mint leaf or a slice of lime, and voila!

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