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Adult Prevalence Rates

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data

Pinellas County
Florida Statewide
Alcohol and Tobacco20072008200920102007200820092010
Adults who have had at least 1 drink of alcohol within the past 30 days56.30%61.20%56.00%60.00%54.40%51.30%51.30%55.30%
Heavy Drinkers (adult men having more than two drinks daily, and adult women having more than one drink daily)6.10%5.80%8.80%4.90%6.20%5.20%5.10%5.20%
Binge Drinkers (adults having five or more drinks on one occasion) within the past 30 days10.10%12.30%19.40%16.90%14.20%13.00%13.30%13.70%
Current Smoking (adults reporting having smoked 100 cigarettes in their lifetime and currently smoke)17.70%22.60%22.20%20.30%19.30%17.50%17.10%17.10%
  • Data indicate that more adults in Pinellas County consumed alcohol within the past 30-days from 2006 to 2010 compared to State of Florida averages.
  • According to the Pinellas County Community Health Assessment produced by the Pinellas County Health Department, alcohol and drug abuse were the top behaviors of concern and addiction was the #1 health problem of concern (Feb., 2013, PCHD).
  • In Pinellas County, 19.3% of the adult population smoked tobacco in 2010, which was higher than the state rate of 17.1%. Moreover, this rate is higher than the Healthy People 2020 goal of not more than 12% of adults smoking tobacco by 2020 (Feb., 2013, PCHD).

SOURCE: National Center for Disease Control’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Data; SMART: Selected Metropolitan/Metropolitan Area Risk Trends (; and Pinellas County Community Health Assessment, February 2013.


Cessation Indicators for Pinellas County and the State of Florida

 Pinellas CountyState of Florida
Total cigarette packages sold (2009)79,596,7501,220,342,507
Per capita cigarette consumption: 18 and over (2009)2095.461663.88
Total retail tobacco dealer licenses issued as of November 20091,47528,181
Percentage of adults who are current cigarette smokers (2007)18.00%19.30%
Percentage of mothers who reported smoking during pregnancy (2008)9.30%6.80%
Percentage of adults who attempted to quit (2007)43.60%53.20%


Rates of Tobacco-Related Chronic Disease

 Pinellas CountyState of Florida
Hospitalizations from chronic lower respiratory disease (including asthma), rolling 3-year rate per 100,000 (2006-2008) 439.2393.5
Hospitalizations from stroke, rolling 3-year rate per 100,000 (2006-2008)432.5373.6
Age-adjusted death rate for lung cancer, rolling 3-year rate (2006-2008)52.347.7
Percentage of adults with diagnosed diabetes (2010)11.30%10.40%
Age-adjusted coronary heart disease death rate, rolling 3-year rate (2006-2008)115.8116.2
Lower rates are more desirable.

SOURCES: Florida Bureau of Tobacco Prevention Program County Data Profile: Pinellas January 2010; Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; and Florida Department of Health, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Data Analysis.

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