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About LiveFree!

In 2003, LiveFree! Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition was formed after state data showed that Pinellas County was one of the highest-ranking counties for drug use in Florida, particularly among youth. Today, LiveFree! raises awareness about the harmful effects of substance abuse among youth and adults in Pinellas County.

By offering training encouraging community advocacy, involving youth and law enforcement,  participating in town hall meetings, creating environmental strategies, promoting public awareness and organizing awareness events and more, LiveFree! encourages Pinellas County families to live safe, healthy and drug-free.


To reduce youth substance abuse by creating a safe and healthy community through public and private collaborations that link youth, adults, families and neighborhoods to public awareness, advocacy, education and healthy solutions.


A strengthened substance abuse prevention and treatment effort that leads to improved health and safety for our community.


To maximize resources that form a unified voice around public policy and action which covers a broad array of substance abuse prevention and treatment efforts  that are focused and guided  in an identified direction.

Core Values

  • Believe in human potential
  • Discover the needs and readiness of the community
  • Absence of complacency
  • Recognized tacit knowledge that  is internal to the group
  • Operating transparently with openness
  • Support and trust each other
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Celebrate success

LiveFree! Orientation Manual LiveFree! Indicator Reportl


Likeit! Loveit! Learnit…LiveFree! Pinellas

The LiveFree! coalition reflects an alliance of leaders in Pinellas County that are building an improved prevention system of care through advocacy, connected community engagement and diverse involvement from all sectors.

  • Likeit! mobilizes our fans on Facebook, Twitter and social media platforms;
  • Learnit! speaks of our stewardship and greater connectedness as a learning community via educational outreach and environmental strategies and our commitment to passing forward our new knowledge learned to friends, family and peers;
  • Loveit! reflects our call to action and commitment to advocacy and improved public policy.

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